1085 av. du Docteur-Penfield, room 312

Montréal, QC H3A 1A7

I’m a fourth-year PhD student in linguistics and Vanier scholar at McGill University. I’m interested in syntax and meaning, especially issues of word order, focus and focus particles, and comparative grammar. I’ve worked on Ojibwe (Algonquian) and Austronesian (in particular Bahasa Malaysia and Cebuano).

I’m currently working on a project on exhaustivity, in which I’m claiming that exhaustivity can “mimick” lexical meaning. There are predicates which (almost) always co-occur with an exhaustivity operator, and this operator is (almost) always local to the predicate in question. This has the effect of making it appear that the meaning is lexical, but it’s in fact derived.

In my spare time I play violin, study languages, and enjoy spending time outside of cities. I’m a native French speaker from Winnipeg.

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