Mathieu Paillé

University of Calgary

I’m a postdoctoral researcher in linguistics at the University of Calgary. I completed my PhD in 2022 as a Vanier scholar at McGill University.

In my dissertation, I show that the meaning of predicates as intuited in sentences is stronger than their lexical-conceptual meaning, and that the way this strengthening occurs has some special properties. In discussing the semantics of predication and strengthening, I also touch on the topics of additive particles, conjunction, and homogeneity.

In my spare time I enjoy studying languages, social movement organising, and time outdoors. I’m a native French speaker from a minority community in Winnipeg.

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selected publications

  1. NELS
    Optionally co-occurring additive expressions as a challenge for the Maximize Presupposition account of obligatory additives
    Paillé, Mathieu
    In Proceedings of NELS 53 to appear
  2. SuB
    Alternatives and jurisdiction in predication
    Paillé, Mathieu
    In Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 27 to appear
  3. PhD thesis
    Strengthening Predicates
    Paillé, Mathieu
    McGill University 2022
  4. SALT
    The distribution of controlled exhaustivity
    Paillé, Mathieu
    In Proceedings of SALT 30 2020